My name is Vanessa Reyes. I graduated from Towson University with a BFA in graphic design. I'm currently a freelance graphic designer, a yoga, movement, calisthenics, and martial arts student/teacher. Growing up with arts and sports I've always been creative, athletic and stylish. I've created this brand to not only share my art with you, but to inspire you. Like me, many of us at times need to be reminded about our talents, our goals, and our inspiration to create. I hope my style can be that reminder, a reminder to be your own inspiration. Whatever that may look like for you, in any passion, make sure you create for you.

. . . 

The Inspiration Behind My Mandalas

Meditation comes in different forms. I draw mandalas as a form of meditation. This helps to tap into an Alpha wave vibration which increases creativity and decreases negativity. Each pattern is inspired from the previous one. The shapes assemble each pattern and builds off each other to create the larger image as a whole. I draw free hand and free style. Imperfections arise and I improvise. From this process comes beauty. I love being able to solve the “imperfection” or “mistake” and make it flow as a whole.

Just like my hand drawn mandalas, derived of circles, patterns and imperfections, so is life as a cycle. We create our own lives through our decisions, thoughts and actions. Maybe situations don’t turn out as we expected and we start to question, but there is no right or wrong. There just is. How can we transform something that doesn’t turn out as expected into something we want? Each shape is a reflection of an experience. The pattern created by the shapes are the chapters, and the whole is life. One imperfection is just one piece of it. We can choose to build and flow off that moment to continue creating something beautiful.